Monday, July 28, 2008

Random plant event: Anthurium scherzerianum berries

I think I called this type of Anthurium Anthurium andraeanum previously, but I'm pretty sure that the larger-flowered types, with the nearly-circular spathes, are in fact scherzerianum cultivars. (UPDATE: Have decided that there's no point to trying to figure out what species are involved, since they're likely all hybrids of multiple species, so never mind.) I can't remember the name for this particular cultivar, which had pink flowers -- we got it in with some called 'Dakota' (red) and 'Florida' (orange), but it wasn't named for a state, and that's as much as I can remember about it.

Doesn't really matter, since this isn't how the flowers normally look anyway.

I know the picture's not that great, but it was the best I could manage.

This had happened last summer as well; I tried to do something with the berries then, but it didn't work out. This summer, I don't expect much better: Anthuriums aren't supposed to be easy to sprout from seed, partly because the seeds have a very narrow window of viability, but as long as the plants are still there and the seeds can be collected, I see no harm in attempting it again. Sooner or later it should work, right? The question is, how do I know when the seeds are ready to try to sprout? Anybody with any experience out there? (SECOND UPDATE: I have managed to collect and sprout Anthurium seeds since this post was written; see here.)

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Lance said...

I don't know anything about seeds, but it sounds interesting.

However the picture I find slightly disturbing considering my sister always called this flower 'Peter on a Platter' - it was one of her favorite flowers though.