Saturday, June 21, 2008

Secret page for purchasing Schlumbergera cuttings

If 1) you have e-mailed to say which pots of rooted Schlumbergera cuttings you want,
2) I have confirmed that I have those pots available and will sell them to you, and
3) you wish to pay for them using PayPal (as opposed to check or money order), this is the page to do that.

Click the button which corresponds to the number of pots of cuttings you wish to buy. PayPal will take over from there. PayPal will notify me when it's processed your payment, at which point you have officially purchased the plants and it's all on me to mail them, which I will do as soon as I think the weather is warm enough and I can get or make appropriately-sized boxes.

1 pot / $7:


2 pots / $11:


3 pots / $15:

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