Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pretty picture: Vanda Princess Mikasa

Google tells me that Princess Mikasa can also be hot pink, though I've never seen that personally.

Previously (as Ascocenda Princess Mikasa): 2013

Vanda Princess Mikasa = Vanda Royal Sapphire x Vanda coerulea (Ref.)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Pretty pictures: Masdevallia Southern Sun

Still nothing new happening here with the plants, aside from the Anthuriums. I'm positive you don't want to hear as much about the Anthuriums as I want to tell you (it's a little much even for me sometimes), so the blog may be quiet for a while, aside from orchid pictures and the occasional massive Anthurium update.

Today we have a Masdevallia. Not the best Masdevallia flower at the show, but the plant looked pretty good.

Masdevallia Southern Sun = Masdevallia veitchiana x Masdevallia hirtzii (Ref.)