Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Pretty picture: Stenorrhynchos speciosum

This was the second year I've seen Stenorrhynchos speciosum at the orchid show (the first being 2011). Better full-plant photo this time around, but the close-up was worse.

There are, of course, even better photos to be found of this species on other sites. I'm particularly interested in the photos at, which show a specimen with spotted leaves. I like the foliage on this species anyway, but the spotted version is even more interesting.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Question for the Hive Mind: Purple Flower

My mother would like to know what this is, and I have no idea:

Location: shady yard, Iowa. She didn't plant it deliberately but would like more of them. Anybody recognize it?

UPDATE: Thanks.

By the way: Mom acknowledges that it maybe isn't the healthiest larkspur in the world, but considering that she's done nothing to care for it (she never even planted it there in the first place), she figures it's doing pretty well for itself.