Monday, December 10, 2007

Unfinished business re: Alternanthera dentata 'Purple Knight'

Remember when I said that Alternanthera dentata 'Purple Knight' cuttings would collapse within hours of being taken? Well it turns out that the whole plant will do this too, especially if you move it somewhere where you can't monitor its progress and then forget about it. It may yet come back -- I didn't call it a Practical Joker for nothing -- but even so, you can imagine the stab in the heart I felt this morning, when I was checking for things to water and found this:

I guess I'll let you know if/when it comes back. I'm posting this mostly as an illustration of what cuttings will do, since I didn't have one available when I made the original post.

UPDATE: It came back. It's a little wrinkly, still, but it came back. Utterly insane.

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Sheba said...

Hahahaha! I have these and have to keep chopping them back and replanting in same pot to get a bushy look! Thanks for the write-up.