Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bribery continues: kittens! Candy!

In yesterday's post, I announced my intention to cravenly pander to the demands of the public in an attempt to campaign for certain of the Mouse & Trowel garden blog awards. It was then suggested in the comments of that post that the public demanded some adorable kittens. So. . . .

I had been collecting LOLcats with plant and garden content from I Can Has Cheeseburger? for a while, in the hopes of eventually writing a post about plant toxicity to pets: the rough draft quickly spiraled out of control, and so I think it's going to be a while before that particular post gets written, but I still have the LOLcat pictures. So.

This one was far and away my favorite:

And if you liked that, there's more where that came from. As a really, really unrelated bonus, just in time for Easter:


Water Roots said...

Ha cute. Together with kittens and puppies, you might want to consider adding pictures of you kissing people's babies. That will guarantee many votes.

I voted for your site already, without the need of bribes, but I personally wouldn't mind pictures of ponies, or maybe some baby seals...perhaps that will inspire me to refer your website to 'friends' that may be 'encouraged' to vote for you...:)

No Rain said...

I voted yesterday! Maybe you could have a giveaway, they also seem to work really well. I saw one recently where a site that usually got a few comments a day got thousands with the promise of points to enter the giveaway. One vote for you counts for 5 more points. LOL

Sheila said...

The peep pic was great. The kitten was cute, but hey, if I want kitten pictures, I'll buy a calendar at the mall. I vote for more plant pics instead.

Elfinn said...

Hahahahah I know you from gardenweb. I found your blog on Lithops and had to keep reading them. I am also hooked on Icanhazchezburger...this is my favorite gardening one with kittehs: