Thursday, March 6, 2008

Plant 911: Murraya paniculata

Two new additions to the family, though they've looked better. These two Murraya paniculata trees used to live at the husband's old workplace, where they did well up against a wall that was basically all glass, eastern exposure, until the husband left the job in December. Since then, apparently, nobody had bothered to water them, for two or three months, and the plants reacted, predictably, by dropping all their leaves, flowers, buds and branches. And then, long story short, some people talked to some other people, and then yesterday both plants came to live with us, on the off chance that they might not be completely dead.

I think there's a chance, but it's also a pretty extreme case, obviously. I figure if nothing else, we got a couple really big pots out of the deal, and I figure the plants will still try to live if it's even remotely possible that they can do so. It doesn't hurt that Murraya paniculata is not a common plant around here, and that it's a plant I really like: if I can get more, larger than what I had already, for free, then that would be pretty awesome. The husband watered them yesterday when he got them home, and although we didn't have any very good places to put something this big, he did the best he could (I might try to rearrange stuff when I have a day off, but obviously if I'd thought we had room for two big honking trees, I would already have bought the two big honking trees: space fills up fast around here. On the other hand, I was already thinking that I needed to rearrange the south window, so maybe that's a project.), and now it's pretty much up to the plants.

So we'll see.

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Water Roots said...

Wow, that's a long time to be left without water, but plants can surprise you sometimes and claw their way back from the dead. Anyhow, I hope they make it. That would be great. Good luck with them!