Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Plants Week Bonus: Zygoneria 'Adelaide Meadows'

I mentioned earlier that one of the new orchids in this last batch was remarked on by every co-worker who saw it, and was widely regarded as the best orchid ever, or something like that. This is the one in question. It's not that it has the biggest flower, or the most impressive patterning, or the most elaborate construction: what makes this one stand out is the color.

It turned out to be very difficult to get the color right in the picture; it's a very weird shade, in between blue and purple, which I've seen before in other orchids but not very often. Plus I think the other orchids I've seen with this color were Vandas.

Zygoneria is another transgeneric hybrid, between the genera Zygopetalum and Neogardneria (specifically, Zygopetalum Titanic x Zygoneria Dynamo. I couldn't locate Dynamo's parentage.). Neither genus appears to be common in orchid crosses otherwise.

Incidentally, I apologize for the lack of plant profiles lately; I've been having some difficulty with Ludisia discolor, plus there's been more actual work than usual lately, and it's hot, so I'm having to expend a certain amount of energy just to hold myself together. We'll get there fairly soon, though, and it's going to be Ludisia. (UPDATE: And then it was.)


Kaelkitty said...

Here is the parentage for × Zygoneria Dynamo for you. The seed parent is Neogardneria murrayana and the pollen parent is Zygopetalum Helen-Ku

Kaelkitty said...

I forgot to add. Registered Orchid Grex Parentage can be easily found by going to and entering the Grex name. I find this very useful.