Friday, September 26, 2008

Pretty picture: Calibrachoa 'Callie Sunrise'

We didn't do so well with the Calibrachoa this spring. Some varieties did just fine, but a few of them went chlorotic (yellow) early in the season and then stayed that way; in the end we had to throw some of them out. This is, I'm told, something that happens with them a lot (Petunias too), and can be corrected if they're fed enough and at the right times.

We also brought in some prefinished baskets in various colors: we could, in theory, make our own, but for various reasons we'd never be able to get them presentable as early as we'd need to, so we buy them instead.

'Callie Sunrise' is a variety we didn't have in four-inch pots, one that came in only on the prefinished baskets. We did have 'Tequila Sunrise,' which is similar (a little pinker), and which was thankfully not one of the plants to go chlorotic on us. (It's a good seller; we had a lot of them.)

I liked the red ones better, myself, but any Calibrachoa in good condition is pretty striking.

Actually, any Calibrachoa in bad condition is striking too, as far as that goes.


CherB said...

When you wrote that the plants went "chlorotic" I read that as they went "chaotic". I was wondering what a chaotic Calibrichoa would look like, or even a chaotic petunia for that matter!

lancetx said...

Some of my plants go chaotic - and do odd things. One recently threw itself off the top shelf. Don't know if it was a suicide attempt or just a misdirected attempt at travel.

Perky Skeptic said...

These look closely related to Petunias-- are they in the same family?

There's just something about orange flowers that makes me extra-happy! The flame Azaleas on Roan Mountain, for instance. And butterfly-weed! And orange Kalanchoes! And, and, and OTHER ORANGE STUFF!!!! *squee*

Kim said...

Yep, love the calibrachoas. It seems every year there are new colors to "need." I used to love Terra Cotta, but there was an orange one this year . . . . .