Sunday, December 14, 2008

Work-related: A 'Dancer' too Far?

In yesterday's post, I told you I bought a Schlumbergera 'Caribbean Dancer' from work. Today, I was talking to someone about it, and was reading the tags in the plants, to see whether we had a different one that I'd liked previously ('Orange Beach,' if I remember correctly). Apparently 'Caribbean Dancer' is part of a series, which are all also named '[Something] Dancer,' and I guess I'm okay with that, but I think they maybe crossed a line:

I mean seriously. If we had to go to the stripper place, they might at least have made it a Tina Turner homage and called it 'Private Dancer.' But no.

When I showed Younger Co-Worker, her response (after the laughing) was to tell me to take the tag out of the pot. I was like, Are you kidding? Some people would buy that plant just for the name alone: no way I'm taking it out.

The plant itself wasn't fully in bloom yet, but from the look of the buds, it's a fairly basic magenta color. Officially it's red, and I found one picture that looked more red than magenta. Not bad, but nothing special. Except for the name.

The plant in question: Schlumbergera 'Exotic Dancer.'

There's a list of the other dancers here. I think they're missing out by not including "Private," "Break," and possibly "Tiny," but maybe that's just me.

Then again, maybe that's just the kind of people they are: this page includes a plant called Schlumbergera 'Sodom and Gomorra.' I don't know what a plant with that name ought to look like, but I bet you anything it's disappointing.

UPDATE: See also the Schlumbergera truncata cvv. profile.


our friend Ben said...

Ha! Ha!!! 'Sodom and Gomorra'! Maybe its blooms are sparkling white like a pillar of salt. I'm with you on 'Tiny Dancer'.

Wicked Gardener said...

OMG- I would TOTALLY buy a plant called Exotic Dancer - no matter what it was. . .

lancetx said...

Does it come with it's own pole?

MrBrownThumb said...

Have you noticed other schlums in the vicinity tossing dollar bills at it?

forest said...

I'll be waiting for "go-go".