Saturday, March 7, 2009

Site-related: Blogger issues

Ordinarily I write posts in advance and then have them post at 4:30 AM my time, which up until today Blogger has allowed me to do. That's not working now, though (the QFTHM about the bonsai was actually supposed to go up tomorrow). It remains to be seen what effects, if any, this will have on subsequent posting.

Between this and my new cold, which is adding new unpleasant symptoms at an alarming rate, I'm getting the strong impression that maybe today wasn't worth getting out of bed for.

UPDATE: Figured it out. It wasn't that Blogger was having issues, it's that I was. I was trying to set the post for 2:30 AM (I have to schedule it according to Pacific Time, for reasons I've never understood clearly) on Sunday, 8 March 2009, but there will be no 2:30 AM on Sunday because that's the hour that gets skipped when we move clocks forward for Daylight Savings Time. Because I was trying to set up posts for a time that wasn't going to exist, the timed-post field wasn't updating the time field when I changed it.


Benjamin Vogt said...

That and this lovely upper midwest weather. Is the sun even still burning out there in our solar system? Who knows. Spring gloom brings a summer boom followed by fall doom and winter fruit-of-the-loom underwear fashion shows for you and your bored significant other.

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon & that blogger resolves its' issues.