Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pretty picture: Degarmoara Flying High 'Pacific Paradise'

Degarmoara Flying High 'Pacific Paradise.'

This is pretty similar to Degarmoara Flying High 'Stars and Bars,' in that the color palette and overall shape of the flower is the same, but this one is mostly yellow where the other is mostly brown. I'm kind of torn as to which one I prefer: 'Pacific Paradise' has the better name and coloration, but 'Stars and Bars' has a more interesting color pattern, and the petals are a little more rigid, or something, so the flower winds up looking more symmetrical. Given the choice, though, I'd probably rather own 'Pacific Paradise,' so I guess it's the one I like better?

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lynn'sgarden said...

LOVE this one! I ONCE had
a pot of the Dgmra Stars
with 8 fully loaded stems!
I love 'em but don't have much
luck with reblooming so they
end up going to a friend's greenhouse.