Friday, November 13, 2009

Pretty picture: Anthurium andraeanum 'Pacora'

One of the stranger things about 'Pacora,' as compared to other Anthurium andraeanum cultivars, is that the spadix of the flowers is sometimes green. (This picture makes it look more chartreuse, but I promise it was green.)

I've seen a variety of Anthurium (no name, unfortunately) with large white flowers and pink spadices (spadixes? Whatever.), and 'Gemini' has a pink spathe and a yellow spadix, but I can't think of any other Anthuriums with a green spadix. It's also not consistently so: the spadix changes from green to yellow as the plant ages.

My Anthuriums haven't been thrilled with me since the move: they've been having to make do with natural light from an east window instead of the very bright artificial light they were getting in the apartment. For some reason, though, they're starting to come around lately: I have buds on 'Pandola,' 'Pacora,' 'Red Hot,' 'Gemini,' and a couple NOIDs. The purple one in particular has been going nuts lately. Not sure what this means; hope it doesn't come to an abrupt halt when the weather changes again.


Good to Grow said...

I've never seen a purple Anthurium!

Anonymous said...

Pretty plant, but I'm sorry, Anthuriums always make me think they should come with an 'EXPLICIT' warning. (Like *Terror of the Vervoids*; it makes me giggle madly.)