Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday afternoon morning Nina picture

I have decided, after three months of doing a plant-related Saturday morning post and a Nina-related Saturday afternoon post, that I can't continue to do both. It's not that Nina pictures aren't the easiest kind of post I do, but taking the pictures, uploading them to the computer, sifting through them to find the best one, cropping and tweaking the color, and then uploading them to Blogger, all takes time, and because my computer is kind of old and has a lot of crap on it, each step takes quite a bit longer than it really ought to.

I mentioned to the husband last night that I was either going to have to stop putting up plant stuff or stop posting Nina pictures on Saturdays, and he was all like, No! You can't stop doing the Nina pictures! So the plants have been given Saturdays off, and hopefully this will free up some time for me, and I'll stop whining so much.

As for the picture itself, this is from a few days ago, when I cleaned the walls of Nina's cage. I took her out and put her in a pitcher as a temporary home. Her open mouth here is partly the look of surprise it appears to be (she hadn't even been out of the terrarium in maybe six months) and partly, I think, an effort to scare me out of trying to eat her. I guess technically this worked, since I didn't eat her.

It pretty much ruined her whole day, is my impression, though she did eventually close her mouth again. I'm sure all will be forgiven once the next batch of crickets arrives.


Ginny Burton said...

I'm glad that you didn't stop posting Nina's pictures. Since I'm a newcomer to your blog, I've been working on reading all your old posts and each time I come across one about Nina, it's like a palate-cleansing taste of lemon sorbet. I admire her, and then it's on to the next batch of plant pix.

lynn'sgarden said...

Always nice to find a little extra time so good on the decision here, for now. AND also good for the husband on the 'stop whining so much'!

Happy Hermit said...

SHe has grown so much !! her color is getting quite beautiful now.

Water Roots said...

I'm so glad you will continue to do Nina posts! I actually look forward to them each week.

Caroline said...

So fierce! Rawr!

CelticRose said...

I'm glad you're continuing with the Nina posts. :-D

I don't blame her for being mad -- I'd be mad too if some giant took me out of my nice home with lots of plants and put me in a big glass bowl. lol

Don't worry about not doing a plant post every day. You're the only blogger I follow who actually does a new post every single day. Most people feel free to take a day (or two, or three) off whenever they feel like it.

So if you need more time, take it for pity's sake -- you're allowed. ;-)

Nancy in Sun Lakes AZ said...

Anything that keeps you happy and writing is okay with me! I love your blog and Nina too!

mr_subjunctive said...


I guess that's a point. Until you said that, I hadn't actually stopped to look at how often people I follow post new content. The only two I can think of who have been doing daily posts for any substantial length of time are Houseplants and Cactus Blog, and Houseplants usually doesn't include commentary, and Cactus Blog is (I think) written by more than one person.[1]

So maybe I have been a little overly ambitious.

The reason, incidentally, why I started out posting every day is because 1) I've seen more than one how-to-blog post suggest that daily posting is the best way to get and keep an audience, and 2) I figured I'd be inclined to stop posting after a while without the urgency of daily deadlines.

But point taken, in any case. It didn't seem like adding one more short post every week would be that big of a problem, but as the plant population here continues to increase and I spend more and more time watering (I so desperately want the bathtub set up in the plant room. Unfortunately, it looks like it's going to be January before I get it.), it's gotten harder and harder to keep up with both watering and the blog at the same time. I'm still trying to figure out how to juggle those, actually.


[1] But it's really hard to tell, because Cactus Blog doesn't normally attribute the posts. So maybe it's mostly one person.

our friend Ben said...

Ahem, we at Poor Richard's Almanac also post at least one post a day, just for the record. But naturally, I too am thrilled that you've elected to continue with the Saturday Nina posts. Every time I look at my lovely prepared and heavily planted 10-gallon aquarium in the greenhouse, just waiting for its anoles to arrive, I think of Nina. And I have to say, I think this is the best Nina portrait yet!

mr_subjunctive said...

our friend Ben:

I figured I was forgetting people. Though PRA isn't a one-person show, so the point still holds.

Pat Moore said...

I know this is an old post, just beginning my journey through all the Nina posts, but couldn't you and our friend ben get together for an anole play date so that Nina is not alone? And ditto, Ginny Burton.