Friday, June 11, 2010

Pretty picture: Aeschynanthus speciosus

This sort of goes along with yesterday's post. My Aeschynanthus is flowering a little late, compared to what I'd expect. Not that there wouldn't necessarily be flowers on them in June, normally, but this is the first set of flowers -- I'd think the last flowers would be the ones showing up now. Instead it looks like two sets of buds will follow, perhaps more, so this could still be blooming in July. Which, just so you understand the seriousness -- in the past, I've seen them start in December and continue through March. They were still blooming in May, in the greenhouse, when we sold the last of them, so I don't know how long they would have kept on. Maybe I'm not familiar enough with the blooming period for goldfish plants, and this is all totally normal. But starting to bloom in late May (it's taken a while for me to get the picture up) is still pretty different from starting to bloom in December.

It could be that it would have started blooming in December, except I repotted it, and it's taken until late May to recover enough to bloom again. It could be that I'm insufficiently familiar with the blooming period for goldfish plants and this is all totally normal.

In any case: they're good plants. Unlike certain other gesneriads which will remain nameless.

They know who they are.

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Liza said...

I'm definitely insufficiently familiar with their blooming cycles. It's a pretty bloom though.