Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pretty pictures: unusual Tulipa flowers

I haven't been taking pictures in town so much this year, because I was only ever doing that on walks with Sheba, and Sheba and I have been doing a lot more walking on the gravel roads around town. Plus, it's mainly the same stuff that was there last year, which you've seen already. (If you were reading last year. Which I realize some of you weren't. But that's what the archives are for.)

I have, though, seen a couple tulips that were new to me this year, which I present for your consideration:

A NOID double yellow. I've seen very few double tulips around here. Mostly this year I've been noticing that there were lots of white ones. Were white tulips all the rage last summer and fall and I just didn't notice?

Okay, so it's not unusual. I really liked the picture and wanted to include it.

No clue. I looked around on line and found some photos of tulips that were similarly pointy, but nothing that was splayed open like this.

Same flower from a different angle.

Almost-opened buds from the pointy orange tulip.


Liza said...

White tulips? Whaaaaat? You're making that up, right?

Bom said...

The one that is splayed open is interesting. I thought it initially that it was just the one flower.

Nancy in Sun Lakes AZ said...

I think I'd have to stop and ask the homeowner what those orange pointy tulips are!

tulipomania said...

The orange pointy looks from here like an orange imperial, lolling in the sun.