Friday, May 13, 2011

Site-related: outage

If you've wondered why there weren't any posts for two days in a row: Blogger has been inaccessible for about the last day and a half. I could read posts, but not edit them or comment on them. This may be (hopefully is?) resolved now, but that's why there was no post this morning.

The reason for there being no post yesterday morning is that I spent a couple hours frantically trying to get a post written on Wednesday night, and apparently Blogger's outage happened after I began writing, so none of it was saved. This is no big loss (it's not like it was my best work), but still. I did write something, and it's not my fault you didn't see it.

Thursday was kind of like that all day long: we were without electricity for about an hour first thing in the morning too.

Truthfully, I didn't mind having a couple days off. I remain slightly burned out on blogging (the problem is less blogging than it is watering: I'd be happy to keep blogging, but I have too many plants. Something always needs to be watered, and it's always behind schedule, and the consequences for failing to water are worse than the consequences for failing to blog, so the watering always takes priority.), and I got a bunch of new trade plants in this week, so I had a bunch of cuttings to pot up and photos to take anyway.

A few of those are really incredible plants, too (or at least, they will be incredible plants if they root and don't die), which I will blog about just as soon as I can get pictures sorted and uploaded and all that.


Unknown said...

Have you considered starting a non-profit organization and getting people to volunteer their time with the watering? ;) Something like "Mr. Subjunctive's Home for Wayward Plants"?

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Whenever you're ready, Mr. S. I follow your blog, so I always know right away when you post something. With so many plants to care for, amongst other things, I can imagine how busy you must be.

CelticRose said...

I never thought I'd hear you use the words "too many plants". ;)

I had the same thing happen to me Wednesday night. I had my post all ready to go, hit "Preview", and nothing -- just a blank page. I hit "Post" and got this lovely message that Blogger was unavailable which directed me to a blog post saying Blogger was going to be down for an hour. Why they couldn't send out a mass email warning their users they were going to be down is beyond me.

Fortunately, I always write my posts, no matter how short, in Word so I didn't have to rewrite anything when Blogger came back up at the end of the hour. I also save the Word docs and pictures I use to create my posts on a disk so that if Blogger ever loses anything I can recreate it.

mr_subjunctive said...


Well, now, I've said "too many plants" any number of times already. This is just the first time I might actually really be right.

Some of the problem is that I'm suddenly spending time arranging sales/trades and boxing things up and etc., which takes up time that would previously have gone toward blogging or watering. In that case, the problem is also the solution -- I just need to get enough plants out of here that I can keep up with them again. Also they're sort of, you know, culling themselves a bit now, too. :^(

mr_subjunctive said...

Oh, and --

I did compose in Word at one time, then transferred to Blogger, but I stopped doing that because the amount of time I spent adding in the italics and footnotes and stuff was taking longer than writing the posts was.

grumblebunny said...

If you're ever inclined -- and there's no reason you should be, but still -- it might be fun to conduct a Subjunctive watering tour. Nothing fancy, just quick snapshots as you maneuver through your vast plant collection, spreading liquid goodness. We could see the good, the bad, the ugly; the sacred and profane; the naked and the damned; the thriving and the doomed.

Ivynettle said...

Blogger really seems to be acting up lately - there was a day or two when I wasn't able to comment, and posts have disappeared on several blogs I read...

Anyway, I won't mind if you post less often - I don't have much time to read, anyway. (I wish May would be over - I'm so fed up with working 10-15 hours of overtime a week!)