Monday, September 19, 2011

Pretty picture: Ipomoea sp.

I'd guess I. violacea, but I'm not sure. Wikiposedly there are some 500 Ipomoeas, and I don't have any idea how many of those are common enough that they might have wound up in the cornfield behind the house. I. violacea seems like a reasonable guess, from what I see while googling.

The cornfield is also home to a couple Helianthus sp. (possibly H. tuberosus?), though those are a lot harder to photograph, being tall, and so far I've been unsuccessful. Though it's possible that I've only tried once.

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Lee said...

It looks more like Ipomoea hederacea to me.... I. violacea has larger flower than that.

That picture reminds me of something that frustrates me quite alot; that morning glory seeds sold by korean seed companies are 99.9% I. hederacea(the other 0.1% tend to be I. purpurea) despite the fact that the picture on the package always depicts I. nil.