Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pretty picture: NOID Cattleya Alliance

I thank everyone for their thoughts on the Expectations post. Even if I didn't comment back, I read what you said, I appreciate you taking the time to do so, and I may wind up replying to you (or at least referencing what you said) in a post later on.

For right now, I'm trying to digest the various suggestions and write e-mail responses to the people who wrote me e-mails. We'll revisit the topic eventually, though.

Meanwhile, normal subject matter resumes:

I don't remember taking this picture, but I'm pretty sure it's from the ex-job, not from the orchid show. This particular specimen leaves me unmoved. I suppose it's a perfectly flowery flower, as flowers go, but the Dendrobium from the previous post is way more interesting.

Mashup post coming this afternoon, so be ready for that.


Anonymous said...

'Pretty'? Is that it? 2 of my slc's have just come into bloom and the fragrance is amazing. Orchids rule! :)

mr_subjunctive said...


Well, "pretty picture" is a category, not a judgment. Though the flower does leave me kind of indifferent. I feel like I've seen it before, you know?

Tom said...

I know what you mean... I feel like there is no excitement left in Cattleyas...they're pretty but they're not...special? Even though they're available in a billion colors most cattleyas look like cattleyas, whereas Dendrobiums can look like 5 million different flowers. I'm not gonna lie though, I do appreciate a nicely scented cattleya if I see one but they're never the first thing to draw my eye. Wow that was a lot more long winded and ranty than I meant it to be. Oops.