Friday, February 3, 2012

Random plant event: Columnea 'Light Prince'

I got this last May, from a reader, as unrooted (I think?) cuttings. One cutting didn't make it, but the others rooted fine, and then at the beginning of January, I noticed a couple flower buds forming.

It's not a cascade of hundreds of flowers or anything, but I wasn't actually anticipating any flowers this soon. So it's still a pretty cool thing. And the flowers are pretty interesting individually anyway.


Gone Tropical said...

what a beauty! I love the variegated leaves, they make the orange flower pop out even more :-)

Unknown said...

Rather pretty, that one-- reminds me of a torch.

Anonymous said...

I have killed this plant 6 times, so far. I will continue to try and grow it however. Every time it is on our plant exchange table, or plant raffle at a meeting, I will give it another go. They get cool white berries on them too!

The fact that you have it alive, and it rewarded you with flowers, is wonderful. Other plant club folks say it is easy peasy. Just shows you the differences in culture, temp, can do.

Your Stimulus Package (Seattle)

Tom said...

hooray! Mine just finished up it's blooming. I've done a little bit of reading up on them and I guess they tend to bloom twice a year - winter and midsummer (which is pretty much exactly my experience). I'm glad to see at least one is growing for you!