Monday, March 5, 2012

Other: tentative sell/trade list

Just calling your attention to the first version of the 2012 availability list, titled "Likely sell/trade offerings (2012)" and linked above, just under the header photo. I expect it to go through a lot of changes before I'm ready to begin sending things out (mostly additions for the next month or so, followed by a rapid flurry of subtractions as I realize that some of the plants aren't working out as well as I thought they would), and there are presently no photos or prices, but I thought some of you might be interested in an advance peek anyway.


B said...

*excited*! there are definitely 2 in the almost certain category I want :)

Anonymous said...

I understand that you're not planning on pricing these yet, but could you give us a (tentative) range to work with? I found your blog only this year and don't know what prices you have offered in the past, so I have no frame of reference yet.

mr_subjunctive said...


3" were mostly $3, with a range of $2-5.

4" were mostly $4, with a range from $3-6.

URC/URO/URL were mostly $1 or $2, with a range from $1-4. Generally the amount of cuttings/leaves/whatever was sufficient to make a reasonably full 3" plant.

There were only a few 6"; they ranged from a fixer-upper that was "free to good home" to $13.

The bigger issue was always shipping, which varies according to the size of the box, the distance it's traveling, and its weight. I don't have a postal scale and was having to guess the shipping amount beforehand, so those numbers were all over the place in both directions at first; I got a little bit better about guessing by the end of the summer. The first ten shipping costs I charged:

$5, $5, $6, $6, $6, $7, $7, $7, $9.50, $17. (average: $7.55)

The first ten shipping costs (actual):

$5.35, $5.35, $5.35, $5.35, $5.60, $5.95, $8.60, $11.15, $12.40, $32.25. (average: $9.74)

Shipping was comped on trades. (The logic being that both sides were going to be paying postage to send a box, and there was no point nitpicking about the postage amounts, if the plants being exchanged were already agreed to be of equivalent value.)

W said...

How should we contact you with potential trades?

mr_subjunctive said...


e-mail. (Remove the 4 H's from

Also be patient if I don't respond right away; my e-mail turnaround time is longer than I'd like.