Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pretty picture: Baptistonia echinata

If everything went according to plan yesterday,1 I now have about a million orchid photos to sort / crop / color-tweak, a task which could probably occupy me for the next eleven years or so. I only actually have two weeks before I run out of last year's pictures, though, so I'll have to go a little faster than that.

Meanwhile, this week, we have Baptistonia echinata, yet another in the very, very long line of plants that were mis-tagged: the tag said "Baptistonia echinacea," not B. echinata. I understand that it's easy to mis-write an uncommon word if there's a much more common, similar word already in your brain, but even so: does no one know how to proofread anymore? I was also disappointed because my first impulse was to hope that someone had named a species of Echinacea E. baptistonia, so as to confuse search engines, but alas.2

Couldn't find much specific information about B. echinata on-line. It's from Brazil, it's epiphytic, they like lots of humidity but are fairly temperature- and shade-tolerant; if I understand this post correctly, it's the only species in Baptistonia.


1 (I'm writing this on Wednesday the 7th.)
2 Possibly no big loss: all available evidence suggests that search engines would cope just fine, it's people who would constantly be mixing them up.


Pat said...

The Plant List suggests that even this one is not in the genus Baptistonia but is Oncidium brunleesianum.

mr_subjunctive said...


Don't know where they're getting that from: it doesn't look onciddy at all to me. . . .

houseplantguru said...

I have one of these and actually got it to bloom again! Yeah! Don't know how I did, but I was extremely excited. It was, of course, much smaller than when I bought it, but it bloomed. Works for me.