Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pretty picture: Cattleya Mary Lynn McKenzie

The best I could do for a genealogy here was a site that said Mary Lynn McKenzie is a cross between Cattleya Bob Betts and Cattleya Swan. This isn't especially exciting information to know, and this is the internet so it's always possible that it isn't even true information, but I'm including it in the post anyway because really, the only commentary about this flower I can come up with is that it's awfully white. Which you already know, having seen the picture already.

I also kind of approve of the weird white-daffodil impression it's doing. It amuses me when plants imitate one another.


Anonymous said...

Probably fragrant though, amirite? Those big, blowsy ones usually are.
So bummed at work yesterday to find an empty pot which had, until recently, held a bright orange Potinara. Fricken thieves! What manner of folk uproot an orchid and walk out of the store with it, bare-root, jammed in their nasty pocket?


mr_subjunctive said...


Don't actually know about the fragrance; the orchid show orchids are always crammed so closely together, with people (some of whom have their own fragrances) stirring up the air currents around them, that I never know what smell goes with what flower. Plus this is one from last year, so I would have forgotten by now even if I'd known.

Not sure what to say about the theft: it's hard to be terribly surprised, times being what they are and orchid prices being what they've always been. I mean, I agree it's deplorable, but having now deplored it, I have no solutions to offer. Which is perhaps not the point. Still, it seems like the sort of thing that ought to have a solution.

Joseph Tychonievich said...

Hmm... last time I heard of a swan fathering children was when poor Leda got raped by Zeus.

Julie said...


Anonymous said...

The other good Daffodil imitator you've written about is Eucharis grandiflora.

Cattleya labiata alba