Monday, April 9, 2012

Pretty picture: Paphiopedilum malipoense

Whoops. This was supposed to have gone up yesterday; I forgot.

Maybe I've been watching too much RuPaul's Drag Race, but I can't help but think of what a strange shoe design this could become, in the right hands.

P. malipoense is sometimes called the "Jade Slipper Orchid;" there were two at the show, and neither one looked green to me, but the greenish color is more obvious in some of the other photos on-line. The species wasn't described until 1984, and is from China and Vietnam (this link is more specific).


Pat said...

White jade is the most prized variety in China, I believe. A white jade circle is the symbol of the Celestial Emperor.

orchideya said...

Nice one. I have paph malipoense, it is spiking for the first time now, but sooo slow. Started in the end of January and still has long to go. I read it can take up to 6 months from spike start to the actual bloom.

Madeline Salmon said...

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Garden Broad said...

I'd wear that slipper!