Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pretty pictures: Hatiora cvv.

I am becoming increasingly worried that the summer will be over before I get the official sell-trade list together. (This worry may make more sense once you see the post in question.) As a result, I'm announcing a semi-hiatus, which will last until I get that posted. (The "semi-" part is because some orchid posts are already scheduled.)

In appreciation for your patience, here are a couple photos of NOID Hatioras that I didn't buy from the ex-job.

Why not? Well, they were expensive: $10 for a 4" pot. Even if that weren't an issue, though, I don't think I should grow Easter cacti: it doesn't seem to go very well, and even the plants that survive and prosper don't rebloom. So it all seems kind of pointless, even if the flowers are undeniably pretty.

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Ivynettle said...

I'm pretty grumpy at my Easter cacti this year - two didn't bloom at all, and the third had a measly two buds. Next winter, they're going back to my mother's staircase window, they seem to have liked that better than my bedroom.