Thursday, May 10, 2012

Question for the Hive Mind: Outdoor Stuff

What creature(s) would:

1) dig up every Canna in the bed, but
2) not eat them, nor
3) the lettuce and spinach that's planted a few inches in front of them?

We've only ever actually seen cats, dogs, squirrels, and rabbits around here, though obviously it could be something else.

I don't have pictures because the husband waited to tell me about it until after he'd already re-planted all of them.


Kenneth Moore said...

gopher? raccoon? groundhog? I'm really just spouting suggestions from this Iowa State burrowing mammals page.

Rats in DC (including the ones in my yard) have been known to dig/knock things over and not eat anything, too. Do you have very large rats or possums maybe?

Ginny Burton said...

Squirrels. They dig everywhere, but don't eat the vegetation. They were probably burying acorns or something. My basil plants were constantly uprooted until I started sticking twigs all around the plants. And even then, some still get dug up.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

My guess would also be squirrels. They do a lot of digging in my garden without eating any plants they disturb. I wonder if they are digging/searching for nuts that they buried previously.

mr_subjunctive said...

Kenneth Moore:

Actually, now that you say that, I know we've seen at least one raccoon in town as well.

Ginny Burton:

That seems very likely. We have a lot of them in our tree in the backyard, and one of the neighbors has a family living in their house somewhere (we see them go in and out).

I'll tell Sheba. Maybe she'll get lucky again.

ruth said...

Were they newyly planted?
If so, sometimes here the crows get interested if you plant something and will dig it up afterwards to see what it was.
The squirrel theory sounds likely, too, though...

mr_subjunctive said...


They'd been planted five days ago.

Maggie Carneiro said...

In my neck of the woods (about 40 miles north of New York City) skunks are the most relentless diggers. They like to dig in newly turned soil, looking for grubs. I've had no success deterring them because skunks have no fear. To paraphrase Randall, "Skunks don't give a f**k!"

They occasionally do a nice job of turning my compost for me. So....

Hernia Paul said...

Skunks or possums are my guest - they are looking for grubs, worm etc.