Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday morning Sheba and/or Nina picture

Finally made it to the vet on Thursday this week, and asked about the bald spot from a month ago. He didn't seem to think it was a big deal. Said probably allergies, that it was a good sign that it seemed to be filling back in on its own, and to watch and see if it came back, basically. You can still see where it was, in the above picture, if you know where to look, but by comparison with what was going on four Saturdays ago --

-- it's not as bad. It's still a little odd that she'd have had allergies this year, but not last year. I mean, all the same stuff should have been around. But whatever.


CelticRose said...

Good to hear that Sheba's doing well. :)

Tigerdawn said...

Allergies have a knack for arising spontaneously.

My great dane is in the middle of his allergy season and he is miserable. He is getting benadryl every meal along with his normal allergy meds.

Paul said...

Just as with people, animals can develop allergies over time. In addition, if your weather has been as confused as ours, it is possible that more of something is in the air/on the ground than what has been present in the past.

Merrifield garden center said...

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mr_subjunctive said...

Merrifield garden center:

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