Monday, July 2, 2012

Pretty picture: Degarmoara NOID

tag: Dgmra. Pl[not visible because covered by pot]
I won't count this one as an erroneous tag, 'cause I think there was a valid tag there, just not one I could see.


Glycine blanche said...

Superbes couleurs ! Bonne journée.

Sean L said...

If it is a Degarmoara, and not Beallara or the old Aliceara, then it can only be Degarmoara Pluto (the only Degarmoara Plxxxx in the old list). Beallara Pluto's Drummer has Degarmoara Pluto as the pod parent. Degarmoara and Beallara has been extinguished and subsisted into Aliceara since Odontoglossums and Cochlioda have been transfered into Oncidium.