Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pretty picture: Cochlioda Louis Posey

The tag on this one said, "Cochlioda 'Louis Posey' now ONC." I don't know what that means, exactly: my first thought was that they were saying that Cochlioda has been renamed Oncidium, but that appears to be one of the few things in the orchid world that isn't changing at the moment. As far as I could determine, Cochlioda is still a legitimate genus. So . . . no idea what the intent of the tagger was here, but at least they gave us a tag, and the ID appears to be correct, so there's that.

Cochlioda. Louis Posey is a hybrid of Cda. noezliana and Cda. sanguinea.


orchideya said...

Yeah, according to this post here:
there is no more Cochlioda. It is Oncidium now.
It is really hard to follow all the name changes, so many people just stick to the label as it was when purchased.
I read on some forum that there is no Neofinetia anymore - it is Vanda now (rolling eyes).

orchideya said...

What I meant to say: accepted name is now - Oncidium and Cochlioda is treated as synonym genus name.
At least International Orchid Register does this:

mr_subjunctive said...


That's weird, 'cause Plant List is still treating Cochlioda as a valid name.

orchideya said...

Well, Plant List database was compiled in December 2010, the name change happened in 2011.

Here is the Newsletter with that change:

It is possible that the change didn't make it to the Plant List yet, perhaps.

I personally don't care much what name is used, just wanted to explain the "intent of the tagger".