Friday, November 2, 2012

Pretty picture: Phalaenopsis NOID

Basically no information to go along with this one. I don't remember what was on the tag you can see in the photo, but whatever it was, it wasn't an ID. It could have been a price tag; I'm pretty sure this was on one of the sale tables.

No flowers, either, though one could argue that a flower spike on these leaves would be Too Much. (Are those unusually wide marginal stripes, for a variegated Phalaenopsis, or do I just not have much experience with them?)

And it's not like the flowers would necessarily make it possible to identify the plant anyway. I assume there must be tons of different variegated phal varieties out there.

So, we can add another one to the running totals:

wrong tags: 7
incomplete tags: 1
missing tags: 10


Melody said...

I picked up one of these NOIDs earlier this year. It seems like the breeders have been pumping these out lately. It's too bad it's a NOID, but the named cultivars that look like this phal are Phalaenopsis Sogo Vivien 'Golden Vivien' or 'Marginata' but also 'Flora Gigi'. They all bloom pretty much the same, so you at least know what your getting if you buy one,a Sogo Vivien like cultivar. The margins on the one in your picture are really nice, but from what I hear from everyone that's got one, the variegation can vary by leaf, so you'd have to grow it in the same amount of light it's been grown in to keep that amount of white in the leaves.

Tom said...

I had one of these for about a year, loved it to death...literally. The damn thing rotted as soon as winter set in. Bah. It never had a tag though so I can't really help you with that.

Paul said...

There are a number of varigated phal hybrids out there and the degree of variation can vary. They are extremely popular in the Orient. said...

Hello from Canada. If the NOID Phal came from Rocket Farms in Calif., there is a good chance it is Dtps. Sogo Vivien "Golden". Dtps. Sogo Vivien has stronger variegation than Phal. Flora Gigi and the latter has smaller leaves than the Sogo Vivien plant. Flora Gigi has marginsl variegation wheras Vivian can have up to 50% of the leaf variegated. Flowers are identical in both. Most of Rocket Farms Phalaenopsis come from Sogo in Taiwan. If you want to id a Phal that might be a Sogo product go the Sogo Team
Hope that helps.