Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pretty pictures: Epidendrum Rose Valley 'Caribbean Dream'

Couldn't get to sleep on Friday night until very late, which kind of screwed up my whole Saturday. So limited commentary today.

A pink flower with the same name was posted in April. Searches for the name bring up flowers of both colors, so I'm not sure which color is "correct," or whether both are.

I also couldn't find the ancestry for this one.


orchideya said...

Pretty and cheerful blooms. If anybody is interested:
this cross was registered in late nineties and the parents are Queen Valley and Crystal Valley. Both parents were registered by the same originator too (names kind of show it) and have lots of epi. radicans in them; it reflects in the shape of blooms.

Unknown said...

Love these Epidendrums, I have a darker red one and really this is one of the easiest orchids to grow and rebloom, I have a picture of mine here, third picture

Anonymous said...

I'm probably going to come off as an idiot here, but why are the lips on the top?

mr_subjunctive said...


I think that's just how they grow? That's how it's been for all the Epidendrums I've posted except for E. embreei.

Anonymous said...

Yes for this type of orchid, that is just how they bloom. There are a number of orchids (some still categorized as Encyclia & Epidendrum, I think, but who know with the taxonomy undergoing its current upheaval) in which the flowers do not rotate 180 degrees to orient the lip downwards. Such orchids that do not undergo this rotation are said to have "non-resupinate" flowers.