Friday, March 29, 2013

Pretty picture: Paphiopedilum armeniacum

Another case where backlighting wasn't helpful.

I'm also confused a bit by this one, because this is the second P. armeniacum photo I have from this show. (The first.) Ordinarily, if I had multiple pictures of the same species, I would put them into a single post. The pictures are obviously not of the same individual flower, and the lighting suggests that maybe it was from a different plant entirely, but it's weird to think that I could have taken photos of two different Paphiopedilum armeniacums at the same show, brought the photos home, sorted through them, edited them, and scheduled them without ever noticing that they were of the same species.

They were even both tagged correctly, so I can't use that as an excuse. What was I thinking?

Not that it matters a lot either way. I just think it's weird.

This is also the last of the pictures from the 2012 orchid show, if anybody but me is keeping track of that.

What should you expect from the 2013 batch? Well, I didn't get as many, so they'll be further apart (every six or seven days, instead of four or five), and they're a little less unusual: mostly Cattleya-type stuff and slippers. This is not my fault. The show in general was pretty light on oddball orchids, compared to previous years. (I only saw one Masdevallia, and it was in a spot I couldn't photograph easily. There was only one Miltoniopsis, and it was a repeat.)

Some of them were nevertheless very pretty, and there's a weird Dendrobium coming up on April 10 that I expect everybody will like, but I was hoping for a weirder show than I got. On the other hand, their spelling and ID-ing has improved. So there's that.


PAul said...

A "weird" dendrobium? Perhaps Den. spectabile?

mr_subjunctive said...


No, though D. spectabile is certainly weird. In fact, it's quite a bit weirder than the Dendrobium the post will be about.