Friday, July 12, 2013

Random plant event: Schlumbergera seedling #49

I have just over 100 Schlumbergera seedlings growing right now, and for the most part, they look just like their parents, except smaller. Also, most of those are seedlings from 'Caribbean Dancer,' which isn't really surprising, since 'Caribbean Dancer' is the most prolific bloomer.

There is also a set of 16 seedlings from a NOID with salmon/peach blooms. A few of those are also normal-looking, but the majority are very slow-growing, and appear stunted somehow. A couple seedlings have a normal number of segments, but the segments are all tiny (1/4 the size of normal ones), or they're ridiculously overbranched (like, one segment with fifteen segments growing off of it), or there are only three segments and they're all long and thin. Stuff like that.

#49,1 though, is the oddest of the odd.

It seems to be growing, if very slowly, but the segments are long and narrow and sort of . . . I want to say "crimped," (?) along the edges. It seems weak, and I doubt that it's going to survive to blooming size, but I'm very curious about whether this is something it's going to grow out of at some point, or whether the flowers are going to be similarly malformed, or what.

As a side note, if any U.S. readers are interested in starting their own small army of Schlumbergeras or Columnea orientandinas from seed, I have several ripe fruits of both2 that I need to do something with relatively soon, so send me an e-mail and I can probably mail you your very own seeds to germinate and be overwhelmed by.


1 (I'm not naming the Schlumbergeras like I have been with the Anthuriums; I probably ought to be, I suppose, but I'm not as emotionally invested in the Schlumbergeras.
2 (The Schlumbergeras would be fruit from 'Caribbean Dancer,' since I have plenty of those seedlings already.)

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