Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pretty picture: Anthurium 'Florida'

On 27 July 2013.

I've had my Anthurium 'Florida' since March 2008, and it's bloomed plenty during that time, but this particular bloom is a big deal because it's the first one I've gotten since the original plant was accidentally decapitated. I don't remember when that happened (last summer?), but I've been growing the severed part in water like a cutting since whenever it was.

The roots that formed in water.

My only real complaint with the plant is that it seems not to be capable of producing pollen, or being pollinated by other plants: I've tried to get seeds from it, and it just won't cooperate. Maybe it's some kind of weird polyploid or something. Who knows.

On 9 July 2013. Anthurium flowers last for months.

I just potted the cutting up last week, because it was producing a second flower, and I felt like that meant it was time. The foliage is awfully beat-up, but then, some of those leaves are probably at least four years old, too. And the plant had fallen, multiple times, from a height of 6 feet / 2 m, which is how it got decapitated in the first place. Some leaf scarring is to be expected.

After getting potted up.

The stump that was left when the top got snapped off is still around as well, and has produced some new leaves, but no flowers: it may need to grow a lot more foliage first.

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