Monday, September 2, 2013

This is not the special post.

In my previous post, I said would not be posting over the weekend, because I was trying to get a special post ready for today.

But I have failed.

Some of the problem is that I have almost filled up the memory of my eleven-year-old computer (37.2 GB capacity, 1.51 GB remaining), which makes photo-editing more complicated and time-consuming, for reasons I predict you will not care about. The Iowa City area is pretty much awash in used computers, and I could get a much better one for about $150-200, but at the moment, the money available for this is . . . less than that. So if you've got a large pile of money somewhere, and rolling around naked in it just isn't as exciting as it used to be, and you feel like me having a new (used) computer would make the world a better place, there's a PayPal donation button at the top of the sidebar, on your right, and this would be a better-than-usual time for you to use it.1, 2

Meanwhile, I will keep working on the post. Here's a hint about its topic and format:

I'm thinking maybe Thursday?


1 And obviously if you don't have a large pile of money, or rolling naked in it is still enjoyable, or you feel that I'm more likely to use a new computer for evil than for good, don't worry about it. It's not life or death.
2 Funds collected in excess of what I need to get a computer (if any) will go toward: getting my teeth cleaned for the first time in about ten years (which is going to happen whether I can pay for it or not, damn it), a new camera, and potting soil, in approximately that order. The actual sequence will depend on how soon I need potting soil again.


Ivynettle said...

New plant profile? *delighted*

I so wish I had some money to spare right now, because with as much knowledge and entertainment I've gotten from your blog, you certainly deserve it, but I have just committed to a rather expensive (for me) trip, and need to take a serious look at my finances before I spend money on things that are not strictly necessary.

mr_subjunctive said...


I totally understand.

Progress on the profile has been kind of hit and miss over the last couple days, because I'm also trying to take advantage of a two-day break in the hot weather to get some yearbook photos taken of the plants, but I swear it's coming. I have a draft, and some pictures. Yet to do:

* proofread / edit in general, especially the parts where I speculate about what the flowers might be like (since I have now seen some)
* Add more pictures (mostly of the flowers)
* insert footnotes

Melody said...

If space is your issue, why not get another HD? An external hard drive with 1 Terabyte of space is about $60. Much less than another computer?

mr_subjunctive said...


It's been considered, and could even still happen, though I was also sort of wanting to upgrade to Win7 (not that I don't dearly love XP, but I'm not sure how much longer Microsoft is going to continue to support it), and I'd sort of rather have a whole second computer in reserve somewhere in case of computing emergencies, since the existing one is old.

Which, now that I look at that, perhaps those reasons aren't good enough to justify the extra money. The actual purchase is probably a couple weeks away anyway, for logistical reasons, so there's time to decide what works better before I commit to anything.