Monday, October 21, 2013

Pretty pictures: Vanda Fuchs Cherry Chips

It kind of bugs me when people name non-red things "cherry" something. Not bothered a lot, but it does seem sort of exceptionally wrong.

I can't tell whether these pictures turned out well; I'm still getting used to having an LCD monitor. From some angles they look washed-out, and from other angles they don't. In either case, they do an admirable job of matching the blog's current color scheme, so there's that.

Vanda Fuchs Cherry Chips = Vanda Doctor Anek x Vanda Antonio Real


orchideya said...

Yeah, I am also annoyed when they use word blue in orchid names, they usually come out totally purple.
I have added some pictures from this weekend Montreal orchid show here if anybody wants to take a look. I was in "slippers mood".

Pat said...

Really, cherry red is the only way you can use cherry?

mr_subjunctive said...


Well, cherries themselves can be whatever color they like, obviously. But if you're trying to name something in a way that evokes its color, and you use "cherry," then either you need a modifier (as is often done with "black cherry") or it needs to be at least a little bit red, is my thinking.

Though I don't actually get final say on this, and in reality people use whatever words they feel like whether they make sense or not. If you've got a nameless lavender and turquoise flower, hey, name it "Cherry Sunset" if you want. I'm just saying it seems a bit misleading.

Ed Kramer said...

There is no clonal name so I'm guessing it's a seedling, the cross being named "Fuchs Cherry Chips". But there could be variation among seedlings - some more red, others not.

mr_subjunctive said...

Ed Kramer:

Possible. Google's not turning up any images of any Fuchs Cherry Chips at all for me (including my own), so I can't confirm or reject the theory.