Friday, November 22, 2013

Pretty picture: Phragmipedium Haley Decker

Hey, finally another decent orchid photo. Seems like it's been forever. I think the last one I was happy with was also a Phragmipedium, so the clear lesson here is that I should take more photos of phrags. (I was kidding when I wrote that, but when I go back and look at the Phragmipedium tag, they actually do seem to wind up being one of my better orchid-photo subjects.)

Phragmipedium Haley Decker = Phragmipedium kovachii x Phragmipedium Saint Ouen


orchideya said...

I am getting into phrags now, have two "test" plants in larger tank, and they seem just my kind of orchids - beautiful blooms, fast growing and literally impossible to overwater...
I am adding this cross to my wish list. Thanks for the picture!

Beth said...

I think I prefer this kind of orchid bloom--a single rich, bold color--to the more showy, wildly patterned variety.