Friday, January 10, 2014

Random plant event: Homalomena 'Perma Press'

If you've ever had an idle moment to wonder whether Homalomena cuttings could be propagated by rooting them in water but then didn't actually try doing it because you're a busy person and you have more important stuff to do (and most things are more important than rooting Homalomena cuttings: you made the right choice), the answer is a qualified yes:

The back story here is that my Homalomena 'Perma Press' had gotten very tall and floppy, plus it's never been a particularly full-looking plant because it's been stuck inside in less-than-ideal conditions for most of its life. So I finally got fed up with it and cut the tops off the two long stems. I didn't want to just throw them out, especially since I didn't know if the stumps would resprout, so I put them in water, and voila.

The stumps are capable of resprouting, as it happens, though that doesn't necessarily mean that they'll always do so:

The ultimate plan is to stick these rooted tops back in the pot with the original plant, in hopes of getting a more presentable specimen. The transition from water to soil is hard for a lot of plants, but aroids (with the exception of Epipremnum aureum) usually handle it well, so I'm optimistic. I should probably do this sooner rather than later, because the roots are getting longer, and I'm not maintaining a high water level in the vase very well.

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Abhimanyu Veer said...

I must have read at least 70% of your wonderful blog, Mr Subjunctive. Hello... The parts even your funky writing style couldn't get me to read was usually those that focus on flowers rather than foliage... I love foliage plants, and tonight I got back to you looking to see if Homalomena can root in water. I am delighted to know it can, which means I have another reason to group them with philodendrons my old favourites. :) Great post, hope you plan to give us an update soon, been 2 years since you overhauled this plant, after all.