Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pretty picture: Rhyncholaeliocattleya Seto Rainbow 'Fantasy'

I've mentioned it before, but it bears repeating: I cannot wait for the day when every combination of "good" words has been used up for orchid hybrids, and the hybridizers have to resort to names like:

Rhyncholaeliocattleya Booger 'Donkey Ladle'
Paphiopedilum Soulless Infection 'Cthulhu'
Phalaenopsis Cursed 'Honk Fart.'

It's gonna happen someday. Maybe not in our lifetimes, but someday.

They'll probably still be pretty, though. A rose by any other name and all.

Rhyncholaeliocattleya Seto Rainbow 'Fantasy' = Cattleya Irene's Song x Rhyncholaeliocattleya Hawaiian Lightning


ardas said...

Now that is stunning flower :)

nycguy said...

My ambition is to make a hybrid in the genus Chysis, so that i can register it as Chysis Foiled Again.

Unknown said...

I'd probably buy a "Paphiopedilum Soulless Infection 'Cthulhu'". The Mythos ROCKS!

Mind you orchid people are already pretty strange - given that there is already a genus Dracula, so naturally someone had to name a species vampira!

Check this out:

Ciao, KK.