Monday, March 31, 2014

Pretty pictures: Rhyncattleanthe Mary Weiss (?)

And here's the last orchid from last year's show; it's a contender for my favorite out of that batch just because the color is so weird. (The other contenders: Phalaenopsis Mistral's Sunrise Flame 'Mendenhall', Dendrobium pierardii, Caulaelia Snowflake 'Northland' (which you'll be seeing again in 2014), Rhyncholaeliocattleya Dick Smith 'Aloha Spirit,' Vanda Fuchs Cherry Chips, Cattleya amethystoglossa. It'd be a difficult decision, if someone forced me to pick a favorite.

Rhyncattleanthe Mary Weiss = Rhyncattleanthe Memoria Christine Sineni x Rhyncholaeliocattleya George King

As for the blog, well, the husband has returned, so we're good there, but then I did something terrible to my back while trying to pick up the big Murraya paniculata on Saturday, which is complicating my life in a number of ways. So I feel pretty confident in saying that regular blogging (whatever that even means anymore) will resume at some point, but I have no idea when or what that will be.

I'm considering some kind of public service announcement post about what a bad idea it is to put large plants into clay pots. I just need a rhyming slogan of some kind.


Bad Kitty said...

I'm with you on large plants and clay pots. I'm converting the last of my big plants into plastic this summer so that I can move them by myself!

If you just need to move them horizontally I use those plant wheel things (sorry for the technical term) that are sold for outside plants.

You definitely need to find some young, eager plant nerd who is willing to trade labor for knowledge and experience. Then you can have them do the heavy lifting and take care of plants so you can go place.

I wonder what that ad would look like on Craigs list...

susan said...

Last summer I got hooked by a four foot tall 'Royal' palm that was perfect for an empty space. Bought a big urn-shaped clay pot to put him in and a furniture-wheeled tray so I could move him for dusting. The plant suffered a prolonged death; once it was gone it took two of us to carry the dirt filled pot outside. You have my profound sympathy.

How about:

If you hope to still bend
At the end of the day
Remember, dear friends
Avoid pots made with clay.

Sheena said...

Some ideas:

Big plants in clay will ruin your day.

A great big pot made of clay? Save your back and say "no way!"

Terracotta? You really oughtn't