Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pretty picture: Rhyncattleanthe Lily Marie Almas 'MGR'

And the photos from the 2014 orchid show begin. I said previously that I always say that I think the photos are better than the previous year's, but this year I think it might actually be true. Mostly because last year's batch was so crappy: so many blurry photos because I couldn't get close enough to the flowers and didn't want to step over the rope to get closer. This year I did step over the ropes to take pictures, once, but for the most part I didn't need to: the set-up this year was a lot more sensible.

Even when I did step over the ropes, nobody yelled at me, so it's probably not that big of a deal, but the important part is that I felt like a bad boy.

For the record, I didn't intend to follow one Rhyncattleanthe with another Rhyncattleanthe. It was accidental.

Rhyncattleanthe Lily Marie Almas 'MGR' = Rhyncattleanthe Orange Nuggett [sic] x Cattleya Jalapa (ref.)


Paul said...

No, typically no one will tackle you for stepping over the rope or have you flogged. Becomes more of an issue when:

1) It is crowded, and so a person stepping into the roped area is blocking the view for others.

2) If more folks start getting it into their heads that since "that person did it so I can too" and one starts getting a herd crossing the line.

3) If the person has a bulky coat, huge ass purse, ton of camera equipment, et cetera.

4) When the village idiots show up who want to get their photo taken with them IN the display.

The latter definitely does happen, too. At one show I attended, some brainless fools did just that. Needless to say they were wearing bulky coats (it was January) and had those purses that could double as body bags for a German Sheppard. They, of course, took all that crap with them INTO the display and snapped off several flower spikes as they situated themselves. Then the mental morons couldn't understand why the show staff got upset with them.

Unknown said...

@ Paul:

I belong to two horticultural clubs and I have also seen some VERY thoughtless behavior from time to time. It does seem to me though, that general idiocy is a bit less likely in plant fans. Now the "general public" on the other hand - they just give me the creeps!

@PATSP: That is a lovely orchid - I'm looking forward to the new crop of photos.