Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pretty pictures: Phalaenopsis OX Golden Apple

This is the first of five Phalaenopsis from the 2014 orchid show that were varying patterns of pink-purple on white. There's nothing wrong with pink-purple on white; I'm just not sure why I was so drawn to this particular color combination that I had to take pictures of all of them.

I'm personally not that into OX Golden Apple. First, I dislike it on principle because the name implies that the color gold should be prominent, and it isn't.1 But also, this pattern of color doesn't do much for me. Don't mind spots, don't mind streaks, don't mind solid blocks of color, but only one at a time, not all layered on top of one another like this.

Phalaenopsis OX Golden Apple = Phalaenopsis Fusheng Sweet Paradise x Phalaenopsis OX Spot Queen (Ref.)


1 I'd actually been under the impression that that was one of the rules for naming orchid crosses, that you weren't supposed to be allowed to imply colors that weren't actually present. Turns out that that's just a recommendation, not a requirement:
Epithet should not be misleading, e.g. ‘Richard’s Orange’ , for a blue flowered plant raised by someone called June.
And the golden apple is a pretty well-known mythological object on its own, especially with respect to The Judgment of Paris, so I will reluctantly let it slide. This time.

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Anonymous said...

The only issue I have with Phals is that so many of them carry viruses. I don't know if phals with this broken color design are any more likely to be virused than plain colored ones, but in my mind these broken color schemes on flowers seem "virusy".