Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pretty picture: Cattlianthe Gold Digger 'Buttercup'

Apologies for the continuing silence. The whole May/June stretch this year has just been one derailment after another: injury, illness, drama. And the drama is not necessarily over.

Posts are still coming, I swear, if things ever calm down enough for me to work on them.

Previously (as Laeliocattleya): 2010

Cattlianthe Gold Digger 'Buttercup' = Cattlianthe Red Gold x Cattlianthe Warpaint (Ref.)

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Ginny Burton said...

I have just started reading the Nero Wolfe mysteries and think of you every time an orchid is mentioned! This is one case where I think reading an e-book would be better than print, if a quick click on an orchid's name would bring up a picture of the flower.