Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pretty picture: Vanda Doi Inthanon

I know, I know. Mr. Subjunctive, what happened? You were doing so well there for a while, a post every single day for like ten days in a row, and then suddenly you fall off the face of the Earth!

Yes. Well. Some of the deal is that now I'm stuck waiting for new things to happen, having blogged about most of the bloggable things. I also discovered a sale on Sims 3 expansion packs on Origin, so now I'm back playing the Sims again. And there's a grocery store in Mount Pleasant that puts the Ball potting mix that I like on clearance late in the summer, so we made a special trip there so I could buy what will hopefully be enough potting soil to satisfy my needs until about July 2016. (I spent $94; the same thing at the ex-job would have cost me $203. So it was worth making a special trip.)

So, you know. Stuff happens. Sometimes that stuff is blogging, and sometimes it's not. In any case, I'm fine, there will be blog posts again someday, and in the meantime we have an orchid.

Tracking down the ancestry information on this one was a hassle. The actual plant's tag read "Doi Inanthond," and identified this as an Ascocenda. Google sent me through multiple combinations of letters (Inanthon, Inanthond, Inthanon, etc.) before I finally figured out that it was named for a mountain in Thailand, which led to confirmation from the orchid registry, who told me that it's not even an Ascocenda at the moment, technically, but a Vanda. So there was like one correct word on the tag out of three.

In fact, I should probably just let tracking down the Doi Inthanon stuff be my excuse for not posting more.

Anyway. So the ancestry, then, is:

Vanda Doi Inthanon = Vanda Thonglor (1974) x Vanda Yip Sum Wah (Ref.)


Paul said...

Yeah all the Ascocenda are now Vanda. Many hobbyists -- out of frustration with the constant barrage of name changes -- have basically said "screw the taxonomists" and are keeping the old familiar names on their tags. (I know I am.) If and when the rapid and often repeated name changes come to a halt ... or at least a crawl ... and the "dust has settled," then I will consider changing to the new genera names.

Ginny Burton said...

Wow! What a beautiful orchid. It's the first one you've posted that I would consider growing, if only I didn't have an 0 out of 5 record with orchids. Did it have a price tag? Or are the plants not for sale, just for show?

mr_subjunctive said...

Ginny Burton:

That particular one was just for show. There are vendors present with plants to sell, but I stopped taking pictures of those because the vendors are even worse about tagging things correctly / at all, and also because I felt weird taking photos of plants I knew weren't in the show, especially when I knew I had no interest in buying them.