Monday, July 14, 2014

Well It's About Damn Time

Initial bud
Something unknown happens and all is ruined
The plant tries again

And now we have actual flowers. Two so far (though both of the below photos are of the same one, the first one, because I didn't think I could trust that the flower would stay put if I waited to take a picture of it), with three developing buds.

Since the plant was purchased in March 2009, that means the time to rebloom was 5 1/3 years. Not really worth the wait, but I suppose now that it's produced flowers, I'm stuck with it forever because who knows, it might bloom again at any moment, and how could I throw it out if it might still bloom, and etc. You know how that whole thought process goes.

The pictures exaggerate the veining; that's much more difficult to see in person. It also seems a little darker in person than the photos make it out to be, which is possibly a consequence of that whole problem cameras have with accurate replication of purples.

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