Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Horticulture- / Landscaping-Related School Dance Themes

Black and White Trowel Ball

Enchantment Under the Fish Emulsion

Compost Magic

Mulch Masquerade

Rain Barrel Nights

A Weed to Remember

Gnome Alaska

A Midsummer Night's Lawn

Hoes and Rakes Formal

Fertilizer Dreams

Dancing With the Shrubs

All Those Flagstones

Old Time Pruners

Koi! Koi! Koi!

Hypertufa in New Orleans


Anonymous said...

No 'Flea Hop'? What about 'Hoe Down'? Or the 'Chigger' something. It shouldn't be left out, I know. Bugs are just such an integral part of the landscape.

Texas Anon

Liza said...

Haha, I like Enchantment under the Fish Emulsion best!