Friday, July 31, 2015

Anthurium no. 0255 "Steph N. Wolfe"

Anthurium 0255 "Steph N. Wolfe" isn't particularly unremarkable. With very long petioles holding the leaves far from the core of the plant, and no suckers to fill in any foliage around the base, she winds up seeming very large and spare-looking, though this is at least partly optical illusion: I didn't have any trouble finding plants that were considerably larger.1

This is sort of the sole point of interest about Steph. Leaves and inflorescences alike are fairly resistant to thrips damage, which is encouraging, and the blooms are, I suppose, about as good as a pink / pink could get.

Don't really have strong feelings about Steph either way, which means she probably gets to hang around for a while. There will be a purge coming, pretty soon, in which some of the stunted, thrips-damaged, non-blooming, or otherwise inadequate older plants will be disposed of somehow, but Steph won't be one of the purged ones.

By the way: I'm not sure whether the planned purge means I throw them in the trash, or take them to the consignment store, or what.2 There are too many plants needing larger pots to continue wasting space on plants that won't step up and be awesome, and I think giving a plant three or four years to prove itself is not unreasonable. We'll see how things go.


1 Notably 0314 "Camille Yen" and 0072 "Beth Rowe," both of whom are just monsters despite still being stuck in 4-inch pots. And they're still in 4-inch pots because they haven't tried to bloom yet. I'm considering moving Camille anyway, just to see what would happen if she had more room for her roots, because the foliage is lovely, and the last time I moved a plant up before it had bloomed, just because the foliage was nice, that wound up being 0334 "Jean Poole," who is now in my favorite five or so seedlings and has three blooms going simultaneously right now.
Though my expectation is that even if Camille did bloom, she would probably be pink / pink, like her seed parent (the NOID pink). Possibly a bad idea to expect lightning to strike twice.
2 Consignment store would be a more appealing option if I knew for sure that there weren't any thrips on the plants. I suppose I could try wiping off all the leaves by hand or something, immediately before bringing them in. I'd have a better shot at eliminating all the thrips from a particular seedling that way than I ever could by keeping the plant here.

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