Sunday, September 27, 2015

Paphiopedilum Wössner China Moon

More orchid-naming madness. This was tagged "Wossner China Moon," without the umlaut. The International Orchid Register site's search treats ö and o differently, though, so if you search for the umlaut-free version, you get "There are no matches with your search selection. Please try again."

I mean, obviously I figured it out. But it's always something, with the orchids.

As far as the bloom itself goes, not a whole lot to say. It's very loud, but I suppose that's obvious from the picture. Also kind of awesome.

Paphiopedilum Wössner China Moon = Paphiopedilum armeniacum x Paphiopedilum hangianum (Ref.)


Paul said...

Wonder if the registry is cognizant enough to accept a search with the spelling "Woessner" (which is an alternative to the umlaut)? Love the bright yellows.

mr_subjunctive said...


Just checked. It doesn't. Umlaut or GTFO, apparently, at the International Orchid Register.