Monday, August 15, 2016

Pretty picture: Cattlianthe Blazing Sun

The camera wanted to make it slightly orange for some reason, but in person this was a bright pure crayony yellow.

Not much else to say about it; it was nice, but aside from the color, nothing about it was out of the ordinary.

Cattlianthe Blazing Sun = Cattlianthe Kauai Starbright x Cattlianthe Blazing Treat (Ref.)

Ctt. Blazing Sun hasn't appeared on the blog before, but it's the grandchild of an orchid that has (Ref.): Ctt. Trick or Treat, which was previously seen in 2012.

ALSO: it's looking like I have many, many more Schlumbergera berries ready than I will ever be able to use, so if any readers are interested in trying to grow some Schlumbergeras from seed, e-mail me (address is in the sidebar; read the instructions) and I can hook you up.

The seed parent will obviously be known; the pollen parents won't (though I will often be able to give you a short list of possible pollen parents).

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