Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I know these aren't everyone's taste. (Not that anybody's complained -- I just know they're not.) But this one, when I saw how it turned out, actually did make me chuckle a little. So I hope everyone will be willing to indulge me from time to time.

(Explanation of lolcats, from which these derive, was here.)

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Anonymous said...

omgponies, that is HILARIOUS. I love these....I discovered your site through the garden web forums, and it's a great read. I also work in a greenhouse! The business I work for is a lot smaller, judging from your pics (I'm actually one of two full time employees!) and I'm rather jealous of such expansive gh space.
My favorite customer experience so far:
Me: A plant for your bathroom? Okay, what kind of light does it get?
Beefy college jock, who you would never expect to see in a garden store: Oh, it doesn't have any windows.
Me: Well, uhh, that severely limits the plants that can work for you.
Jock: (confidently) Oh, I have a green thumb.